Placement Overview

The ETHERSOFTEX of Vedika Institute of Technology is the chief facilitator for the students to obtain placements best suited to them and primarily liaisons between Industry and the Institute. The goal of Placement Cell is to provide world class training to Vedika Institute of Technology students. The Cell has emerged as a favoured destination for many organizations who come back year after year to recruit fresh talent nurtured at the College.

The Placement Cell is dedicated to motivate and help the student community towards their campus placements and industrial training. This is done by training students from the first year onwards focusing on motivational skills, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, leadership qualities, group discussions and interview techniques.

Additionally, the Cell also provides the required infra-structural facilities to conduct group discussions, tests and interviews besides catering to other logistics. The database of the students is managed by the cell, which plays a crucial role in suitably placing the alumni too whenever required.